Cable Guard

Cable Guard, designed to shield the rear O/S door loom from attack by thieves.

Thieves have discovered that if certain wires in the rear door loom are shorted, usually whilst cutting, that this actually unlocks the doors giving immediate access into the vehicle. This means not only have you lost the vehicle contents, but you cannot lock any doors until the loom is replaced. Consequently demand for replacement looms from Ford has led to lengthy back order-times, - up to three weeks.

Ford have now recalled all new Transits and are making a modification that stops the doors unlocking when the door loom is ‘shorted’, however, thieves have no way of knowing this and cut the wires regardless hoping to unlock the vehicle. We now have a situation where thieves don’t gain access; however you also are prevented. Getting into the rear of a Transit, especially if there is a bulkhead fitted, is not easy and usually means cutting off the rear door hinges. The Cable Guard prevents the wires from being cut. Fitting this low-tech but highly effective security device is extremely cost-effective – or perhaps you would prefer to take the chance?