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Secure your van and protect your livelihood

There is a lot to think about when buying a new van and we believe that improving your vehicle’s security should be up there on your list.

Our range of security solutions help protect your van against the latest vehicle attacks - including the popular ‘peel and steal’ method of break in, and puncture attacks that give thieves access to your central locking system.

Locks 4 Vans is recognised as the industry leader in aftermarket security solutions for Light Commercial Vehicles. We are cutting-edge, customer focused and passionate about reducing van crime.

Installed prices starting form £320+VAT*

1 x Side load door L4V Hook Lock
1 x Rear barn door L4V Hook Lock
3 x keys

*Not including tailgates

Call our Security Specialists today on 01474 649010 for advice on how we can help to keep your new van secure.

  • L4V Hook Lock

    A mechanical deadlock operating independently from the manufacturers’ locking system.

    The deadlocking hook bolt engages into its opposing body section.

    Operated by its high-security external key under full control of the driver.

    We recommend our Hook Lock is fitted to both the side and rear door.

  • L4V Anti-Peel Kit

    Developed to reduce the risk of the common ‘peel and steal’ type of attack.

    Designed to reduce door peeling, this solution is fitted to the front edge of the vehicle’s side load door.

    We recommend using this product in conjunction with an L4V Hook Lock in the high position of the rear end of the same side load door.

  • L4V Slamlock

    Primarily designed for couriers, multi-drop delivery drivers and any operations where a driver may be regularly in and out of a loading area throughout the day.

    Helps to safeguard against the driver forgetting to lock the doors.

    Once the door is shut it locks automatically and can only be opened using the L4V Slamlock key, reducing the chances of theft.

  • L4V Statement Lock

    Mounts externally to the doors of the vehicle, bracing them together while providing an effective visual deterrent.

    When fitted higher in the door it helps to reduce the risk of the door being bent down.

    As a deadlock working independently from the manufacturers’ locking system, it offers flexibility to the operator of the vehicle allowing them to use this extra security when required.

  • L4V Replacement Lock for Ford

    We often find that Ford driver door locks are easily overcome by picking or forcing the cylinder.

    The L4V Replacement Lock for Ford is a high-security replacement barrel and bezel that has been designed to reduce the risk of these types of attack.

  • L4V Shielding Range

    L4V offers a comprehensive range of shielding solutions to help provide both internal and external protection.

    Helping to reduce the risk of bodywork punctures and handle spikes which give access to internal locking mechanisms, wiring looms and door latches.

    Our vast range of shielding offers vehicle and attack specific security solutions to help protect the vulnerable areas of all vans, including the spare wheel and catalytic converter.

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