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NEW Anti-Peel Kit for Ford Custom barn door

NEW Anti-Peel Kit for Ford Custom barn door

Locks 4 Vans has just released the NEW high L4V Hook Lock + Anti-Peel Kit for the popular Ford Custom. This has been developed as an upgrade to the standalone high L4V Hook Lock. By combining both the Hook Lock and Anti-Peel elements into a 'one-piece kit' means the risk of door peeling can be dramatically reduced.

Fitted to the barn door, the robust Anti-Peel plate re-enforces the inside edge of the door whilst the built-in Hook Lock provides added security. This ‘dream team’ combination also has the added benefit of keeping the barn door secure should the central locking system become disabled.

Manufactured from stainless steel, this easy to install kit is available in a powder coated black finish.

Jason Fletcher, Technical Manager at L4V comments: “Peel and steal attacks are a perpetual problem, and whilst our Hook Lock works hard to mitigate this issue the development team here at L4V are always proactively looking at how we can improve our offering and stay one step ahead of thieves. This is a game-changing product – simple in its concept but highly effective”.

With ‘peel and steal’ attacks on the rise, this product can help mitigate further challenges faced by Fleet Managers relating to the process of replacing damaged doors. The known supply chain issues for panel availability are causing delays and downtime for fleets, and this product can help avoid this frustrating and expensive problem.

An average of 20,000 individual cases of vehicle break-ins are reported to police forces across the UK each year, with the estimated cost of replacement tools and equipment standing at £15 million a year*. With an innovative and inexpensive product like this, improving the security of your vehicle just got a lot easier.

Anti-Peel Kit variation: this has also been adapted to work with a pre-existing L4V Hook lock in a mid position. Please specify this version when ordering.


* Research by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles which included a Freedom of Information request, 34 of 47 police forces across UK responded.

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