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L4V cargo solutions – a game changer for HGV security

L4V cargo solutions – a game changer for HGV security

The transportation of goods around the UK has come under increasing pressure from criminal attack. From box vans through to heavy goods vehicles, the need to protect the load space and the overnight driver is becoming an occupational hazard to many logistics companies.

In recent years, Locks 4 Vans has worked alongside major brands to develop a comprehensive range of cargo locking solutions, that are designed to improve security across this important logistics industry and enhance operator safety.

The new L4V Cargo Lock range combines the strength of our award-winning lock cylinders with robust heavy-duty fabrication, to produce a new level of security for the cargo logistics sector.

Products in the range fall into five groups:

Surface Mounted Cargo Locks

The all-new L4V Cargo Statement Lock introduces a new level of security to the surface-mounted lock industry.

The combination of our specialised anti-cut / anti-drill technology and our highly acclaimed gold standard lock cylinders serves to produce one of the most secure surface-mounted HGV locks on the market and, as such, has been awarded the Diamond Sold Secure Accreditation.

With easy aftermarket installation, the new-to-market L4V Cargo Statement Lock will be a game changer for HGV Operators looking to deter criminal attack.

Pan Handle Conversion Kits

HGV Pan Handles are functionally designed to keep cargo doors closed, rather than provide any level of high security.

Locks 4 Vans has developed a range of conversion kits to upgrade traditional pan handles with gold standard locks and robust keys that can be keyed alike to other locks on the vehicle, providing a one-key locking solution for the whole vehicle.

Cargo Shutter Locks

Roller shutters typically provide convenient access to the cargo area, but are vulnerable if left unlocked or open.

The new range of Cargo Shutter Locks are available in either deadlock or slamlock variants, and are fitted with our gold standard cylinders to provide the highest level of security for the delivery sector.

Electronic Cargo Locks

Locks 4 Vans has developed an Electronic Cargo Lock that can be adapted to fit most cargo applications.

With remote activation, automatic locking and robust fabrication, this locking solution provides a convenient high-security solution for cargo logistics.

Driver Security

Overnight driver security has long been an area of concern for haulage operators, with many drivers creating homemade solutions to lock themselves securely into their cabs whilst sleeping at rest stops.

To resolve this issue, Locks 4 Vans has developed a range of internally operated deadlocks that will enable the driver to lock himself into the cab securely overnight, allowing for a restful stopover.

Supported by a nationwide network of approved installers, the L4V Cargo Lock range can be fitted at the body-build stage or as an aftermarket fit. All parts come with a 5-year warranty and the backing of the AA Key Assist network if you get locked out of your vehicle.

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"I’ve been using Locks 4 Vans as my lock supplier for many years and have appreciated their commitment to constantly developing their lock range to adapt to ever-changing attack methods"

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