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Fleet managers have a tough job in keeping their fleets secure!

Fleet managers have a tough job in keeping their fleets secure!

Fleet managers have a tough job on their hands managing all aspects of their organisations transportation needs.

Van security is constantly one of the biggest headaches for these managers, especially as recent figures show that a van is broken into every 23 minutes in the UK alone. It is a worrying time for all van users and these statistics will no doubt increase, unless we start to install better security systems into our vans.

The fault for tool theft always lies with the criminals, though tradesmen and fleet managers do need to take action to protect themselves from the risk of tool theft and prevent thieves from compromising their livelihood. A robust supplementary locking system could be the difference between thieves making you a successful target, or their attempt to break into your vans being thwarted.

Locks 4 Vans is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high security van theft deterrents and with nearly 20 years’ experience they are undoubtedly the primary experts in van security. Many of the leading corporate fleets in the world use Locks 4 Vans products and seek their advice on how to fit robust supplementary van locking systems, that will not only give added security to the fleets, but to also give the drivers and the fleet managers peace of mind.

The Research and Development team are a vital part of this business and every time a van manufacturer brings out a new model or a face-lifted model, the R & D team are quick off the mark to develop locks specific to each door on the new vehicle.

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