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LEVC collaborate with Locks 4 Vans, creating bespoke security solutions for the VN5

LEVC collaborate with Locks 4 Vans, creating bespoke security solutions for the VN5

Locks 4 Vans is proud to collaborate with LEVC as they launch their new electric commercial van this month.

The VN5 model is set to revolutionise the LCV segment and we are excited to be onboard as a key partner. Our bespoke security solutions offer an enhancement for greater confidence on the road, giving peace of mind to drivers and fleet managers.

The R&D facility here at Locks 4 Vans drives innovation for the whole commercial vehicle aftermarket security industry, and this project was no exception. The Sheet Moulded Composite exterior panels for the VN5 are unique and allow for a highly effective locking solution for this application.

Through in-house development, a range of locking components were specifically designed to deliver a robust security solution that is fit for purpose for this vehicle. As a result, Locks 4 Vans can offer a range of options including hook locks, slamlocks and bespoke shielding for the VN5. 

Chris Batterbee, CEO at Locks 4 Vans comments “We are excited to have been commissioned by LEVC to develop an innovative suite of security solutions for this highly anticipated vehicle. My team have risen to the unique set of challenges that the VN5 presents, and we are delighted with what we have developed as the ultimate solution. This vehicle is now equipped with the latest security products for electric vehicles and we are thrilled to deliver a game changing solution once again for our industry”

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