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L4V launch a new range of campervan security solutions

L4V launch a new range of campervan security solutions

Owning a campervan has become a popular choice for the adventurous tourer. However, campervan ownership brings with it some questions about security, especially when parking in remote locations: 

“How can I secure my belongings when I am away from my campervan?”

And just as important,

“How can I safely lock the vehicle whilst I’m inside it?”

Locks 4 Vans has been working with the award-winning campervan company Wellhouse Leisure to develop a range of security devices that solve the security problem, whilst not detracting from the styling of the vehicle.

Terry Rayner, Commercial Director at Locks 4 Vans explains:

“Developing security for leisure vehicles has generated some interesting new challenges for the Locks 4 Vans team. Traditional commercial van solutions include visible devices to deter the would-be criminal from attacking the vehicle. 

However, the campervan customer requires more covert solutions that will not detract from the overall style of the vehicle, but provide a similar level of security. Also, keeping the occupant secure in their campervan overnight, especially for solo campers, is becoming an increasing requirement”

Unique Internal “Thumb Turn” Locks 

A specially designed thumb turn lock has been developed that enables the occupant to securely lock the vehicle from the inside, but to also provide easy unlocking for emergency access. No keys are required for these locks, and they incorporate a safety lock mechanism to avoid unwanted entry.

The thumb turn mechanism has been designed to fit on side doors, barn doors and tailgates for all of the popular campervan models, and can be installed either as part of the new vehicle build, or as an aftermarket fit.  

Gold Standard Sold Secure  

All thumb turn internal locks come with the reassurance of a Sold Secure Automotive Gold accreditation. This provides peace of mind to our customers that these devices have withstood industry-standard attack testing. 

Other products available for campervans include loom guards, internal latch shields, deadlocks and anti-peel kits. 

This new range Campervan Security Solutions will be launched at the Commercial Vehicle Show and will feature on the new Ford Custom supplied by Wellhouse Leisure on Locks 4 Van's stand 5E70. 

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"I’ve been using Locks 4 Vans as my lock supplier for many years and have appreciated their commitment to constantly developing their lock range to adapt to ever-changing attack methods"

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