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Campervan Security Solutions

In recent years owning a campervan is becoming a popular choice for the adventurous tourer. However, campervan ownership brings with it some questions about security especially when parking in remote locations:

“How can I secure my belongings when I am away from my campervan?”
And just as important,
“How can I safely lock the vehicle when I’m inside it?”

Locks 4 Vans have developed a range of solutions to solve the problem of security whilst not detracting from the styling of the vehicle.

L4V Hook Lock

Our most popular product is the L4V Hook Lock, which can be fitted to a cab door, side load door, barn door or tailgate.

Designed exclusively for L4V, this mechanical lock works independently from the manufacturer’s locking system giving an additional layer of security.

Compact and durable, our deadlocking hook bolt engages into its opposing body section and is operated by its high-security external key or internal thumb turn under full control of the driver.

Two options available:

L4V Hook Lock (Thumb turn)
Operated from the inside of the campervan allowing the user to securely lock themselves in at night. Available for cab doors, side load door, barn door and tailgate.

L4V Hook Lock (Standard)
Opperated from the outside of the vehicle using a key, this option makes sure your campervan is secure when it is left unattended. Available for cab doors, side load door, barn door and tailgate.

L4V Deadlock

The L4V Deadlock is a mechanical deadlock operating independently from the manufacturers’ locking system. It is very similar to the L4V Hook Lock however this lock engages a ‘straight bolt’ (20mm-50mm) into its opposing body section. Operated by its high-security external key under full control of the driver. Suitable for owner-drivers or applications where the driver can be relied upon to operate the lock. The L4V Deadlock is recommended for use on the vehicles cab doors.

L4V Anti-Peel Kit

L4V Anti-Peel Kits have been developed to reduce the risk of the common ‘peel and steal’ type of attack.

Designed to help prevent door peeling, this solution is fitted to the front edge of the vehicle’s side load door.

We recommend using this product in conjunction with an L4V Hook Lock in the high position of the rear end of the same side load door.

L4V Loom Guard

L4V Loom Guards reduce the risk of vulnerable areas of the vehicle body skin being cut or punctured giving access to the wiring loom.

L4V Shielding

L4V Shielding reduces the risk of bodywork punctures that give access to internal lock mechanisms and door latches. Our shielding is vehicle and door specific and so the products we supply vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

With both internal and external shielding options available Locks 4 Vans are able to provide shielding solutions without compromising on the styling of the vehicle.

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