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L4V Pickup Alarm

Secure your truck with the L4V Pickup Alarm.

Complete cab and canopy protection.

‘WhatVan?’ Security Award Winner 2024.

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About the L4V Pickup Alarm

The L4V Pickup Alarm is a professionally installed CAN-Bus alarm system, designed to offer complete cab area and canopy protection for pickups.

Like the L4V Van Alarm, the pickup alarm uses a combination of state-of-the-art sensors and an aftermarket siren, to deliver the ultimate level of truck protection.

What sets our system apart from the rest is that our alarm features innovative anti-sabotage bracketry, making it extremely difficult for thieves to disarm or tamper with it, whilst still delivering a market-leading alarm system for pickups.

Cab Protection
  • Battery Back-up Siren: A 120DB siren with anti-sabotage housing is installed within the engine bay. This system will remain active for some time should the battery be cut.
  • Door, Bonnet & Ignition Protection: The cab doors and bonnet are connected via the CAN system, triggering the alarm if either are opened without authorisation. Turning the key in the ignition whilst the system is active will also trigger the alarm.
  • Internal Sensors: Mounted within the cab, ultrasonic sensors detect movement within the interior, triggering the alarm if disrupted.
  • Visual Deterrent: A super-bright LED is mounted within the dashboard and a window sticker is provided, notifying attackers that the van has an active alarm system.
  • Factory Key Compatible: The L4V Van Alarm operates using the vehicle's factory key and central locking system.
Ultrasonic sensor in pickup interior
alarm sensor installed into pickup canopy

Pickup Load Area Protection

  • The alarm system extends to secure pickup canopies using impact and movement sensors.
  • This is in addition to all of the features found in the L4V Alarm's cab protection, including the anti-sabotage battery backup siren, internal sensors, visual deterrents and door, bonnet and ignition protection.
  • The L4V Pickup Alarm is also compatible with Truckman's range of canopies.
Key features
  • Battery back-up siren
  • Door, bonnet & ignition protection
  • Internal ultrasonic movement sensors
  • Innovative anti-sabotage bracketry
  • LED visual deterrent
  • Factory key compatible
  • Pickup canopy sensors
  • Compatible with Truckman's range of canopies

Vehicle availability:

Scroll below to find out if your truck is compatible with the L4V Pickup Alarm.
  • Ford Ranger 23>

  • VW Amarok 23>

  • Toyota Hilux 15>

  • Isuzu D-Max 21>


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