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L4V Repair Parts & Accessories

Blanking set
Ford OE lock surround plate
Ford Replock surround plate
Universal repair plate - square
Universal repair plate - circular
Repair barrel trim

L4V Repair Parts

Cover up damage sustained during a vehicle attack with our wide range of solutions. L4V repair parts can be used for general repair and reinforcement, in addition to correcting errors during installation.

  • The L4V blanking set is perfect for covering up small puncture holes. It is often used after a Slamlock barrel has been removed to cover the hole left behind
  • A circular Ford OE lock surround plate is available for the driver’s door of a Transit 00>14 and Custom 14>

  • We also offer a rectangular surround plate for the Ford Replacement Lock
  • Oversized barrel trims are available for hiding errors or punctures around a deadlock
  • We also offer lock case surround plates to correct installation errors
  • A square Universal repair plate is offered measuring 200mm x 200mm
  • A rectangular Universal repair plate is available measuring 250mm x 100mm>
  • You can also buy a circular Universal repair plate measuring 120mm in diameter
  • All repair parts are made from 2mm 304 grade stainless steel, with some products available in a black powder coated finish 
Lockcase spacer
Lockcase gasket
Barrel trim
Lockcase spacer
Lockcase gasket
Barrel trim

L4V Accessories

The L4V Accessories listed here are just some of the tools and consumables you may find useful when installing, servicing, or maintaining an L4V security product.

  • Rivets and screws
  • Lockcase spacers
  • Lockcase gaskets
  • Angled, oversized, nylon and silver barrel trims
  • L4V Slamlock Hole Punch

  • Cone Cutter
  • L4V Lock Lubricant
  • Relay attack pouch

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