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L4V External Shields/Repair Plates

How does it work?

L4V External shields reduce the risk of bodywork punctures that give access to internal lock mechanisms and door latches. Our external shields are vehicle and door specific and so the products we supply vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Key features

  • Vehicle specific external shields
  • The shield acts as a visual deterrent
  • Vehicle specific shields are supplied with all required fixings, fittings, and instructions to enable a professional installation

We may suggest L4V Universal Shields where necessary but the successful fit of these depends on the curvature of the door and whether there is anything obstructing the studs that fit on the inside. These are available in circular, square and rectangle. 

  • Shielding can cover existing damage as well as help protect vulnerable areas of the vehicle
  • Circle – 12cm diameter, Square – 15x15cm, Rectangle – 25x10cm 
  • Most external shields are available in powder coated black and stainless steel (vehicle dependant)

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Why Choose Locks 4 vans?

"I’ve been using Locks 4 Vans as my lock supplier for many years and have appreciated their commitment to constantly developing their lock range to adapt to ever-changing attack methods"

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