L4V Handle Shields

How does it work?

Break-ins can occur as a result of the handle being spiked to gain access to the internal mechanisms that open the door. The L4V Handle Shields are door-specific, providing external protection against this method of attack.

Key features

  • Protects against handles being spiked or ripped off
  • Popular security upgrade for vans vulnerable to attack
  • External fitted handle as well as internal security shielding (depending on your vehicle)
  • Vehicle specific to suit your van
  • The shield acts a visual deterrent
  • Protect the internal lock mechanisms
  • Vehicle specific shields are supplied with all required fixings, fittings, and instructions to enable a professional installation
  • Most external shields are available in powder coated black and stainless steel (depending on your vehicle)
  • Shielding can cover existing damage as well as protect vulnerable areas of the vehicle

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