L4V Ultimate Lock

How does it work?

Working independently from the manufacturers’ locking system, the L4V Ultimate Lock is mounted externally, bracing the doors together, providing a strong visual deterrent. When fitted higher in the door, it also reduces the risk of the door being bent down.

Available in Slamlock or Deadlock version; the Deadlock offers total flexibility to the operator, allowing them to use the central locking in less vulnerable situations but offering extra security when required. The Slamlock version is ideal for couriers as it locks automatically each time the door is closed and can only be opened using the high-security key.

Key features

  • Sold Secure Gold Standard approved lock
  • Available in Deadlock or Slamlock version
  • Available for the side and rear load area doors only
  • Robust, durable & low maintenance
  • Designed and manufactured to automotive standards
  • Exclusive to Locks 4 Vans in the UK
  • High security, anti-drill, and anti-pick body
  •  Lock kits are vehicle specific and contain all the required fixings, fittings and instructions to enable professional installation
  • We supply each kit with 3 keys (however kits pinned up to specific key numbers are only supplied with one key as standard. Call us to arrange additional keys)
  • Attack tested
  • Suitable for Electric and Hybrid variants 

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