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Technical Product Manager




8.30am to 5.15pm
Monday – Thursday
8.30am to 4.45p.m on Friday


Full Time

Start date


Job summary

Support the Technical Team Manager by tightly controlling the schedule of work and activities across the department.

Oversee the development cycle of new products through to handover to Marketing. Manage the departmental workload, schedule the van projects and control the other key obligations in the team in a highly organised way, communicating effectively across the business.

Track progress, help colleagues to prioritise their workload and communicate with updates to the Executive and colleagues in other teams as needed.

Duties to include:

  • Keep colleagues up to date with their key priorities and tasks, and help motivate the team to complete activities to deadline.
  • Update the department manager with news of progress, any projects ahead of schedule and issues, such as those falling behind.  Work agilely to reschedule and reorder work to ensure the team meets its goals.
  • Using our ‘Product Tracker’ or your preferred solution, manage every stage of the product life cycle from the initial idea through to completed prototype and handover to Marketing.
  • Track booked-in vehicles to our innovation centre workshop, and ensure that we have staff available for the initial design and prototyping processes. Ensure there is sufficient space and capacity when vans arrive.
  • Oversee the concerns log – The concerns log tracks issues found across the business, in all departments. Take responsibility for those pertaining to the Technical Team (e.g. possible product failure / warranty issues).  Keep these recorded, under review, and ensure actions arising are followed up appropriately by colleagues.

Required skills

  • Super-organised day to day scheduling ability is key, as well as longer term project management skills.
  • A skilled and friendly communicator, able to take the team perspective and work towards win-win outcomes.
  • Adaptable, flexible and able to reschedule and think creatively in response to shifting priorities.
  • SAP, PDM, Project Management systems experience all desirable, generally very strong software competency is essential.

How to apply

Please send a copy of your CV and covering letter to

Closing date

Tuesday 11th April 2023.

CALL 01474 560077 OR EMAIL

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