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How secure is your commercial fleet?

A van is broken into every 23 minutes in the UK, which results in not only the theft of cargo and costly repair bills for the vehicle, but also the loss to your business in having that vehicle off the road.

Are you looking for ways to reduce risk? Locks 4 Vans can work with you to audit the current vulnerabilities of your fleet so you can plan for security upgrades.

We have the widest range of aftermarket security products available, which dramatically reduce the risk of criminal attack and cargo theft for LCV’s and HGV’s. Locks 4 Vans is also leading the way in solutions for electric vehicles.

Are you aware of the main van attack methods carried out by criminals at the moment? Here are the most common types of attack and our recommendations to help protect your vehicle.

1. Peel and steal attacks

The ‘peel and steal’ method is at an all-time high. Criminals use their knees to apply pressure to the van's side load area or rear barn doors, before pulling open from the top, revealing the van's contents.

And what makes it worse… most van alarm systems are only triggered by movement in the door switches so you will not even be aware it has happened.

2. Exposing the van's locking system

Experienced criminals have found several ways to override a van's central locking system.

From cutting the van's expensive central wiring loom to puncturing the outer bodywork of the van, most of these attack methods are extremely quick and very inconspicuous at the time.

3. Opportunist van crime

Even leaving your load area unlocked for a couple of seconds gives an opportunist thief enough time to make off with your precious cargo.

This method of attack is a lot less destructive than the previous two but can have just as much impact on your business or livelihood. If you are regularly in and out of your van we have a solution for you, even if you forget to manually lock the door. 

Our recommendations

L4V Slamlock

L4V Slamhandle

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